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If you are unemployed or stuck in a job that is not taking you where you want to go, this book is designed to get you fired up!

You may not think about it, but everyone sells. You sold yourself in a job interview, asking for a raise or someone out on a date.

This book is designed to highlight what a career in sales REALLY looks like and how you can land…

The Job Nobody Dreams Of!

About the Author​

Bill Becker never dreamed of becoming a salesperson. He was determined to become either a veterinarian or radio disc jockey. Or a veterinarian who moonlights as a disc jockey. Or a disc jockey who saves animals. Alas! Life has its way of inserting itself into dreams making up its own reality. Instead, Bill joined his hometown radio station. To sell radio advertising.

After building a successful sales career in radio sales and IT, Bill retired. He now spends his time advocating for sales careers. After all, sales is the one field that offers great job opportunities regardless of past experience and education.

The Job Nobody Dreams Of doesn’t teach you HOW to sell, but rather WHY you should make sales your career choice. It’s a – “how to” – guide, offering real-life advice on landing your first sales job and being successful. In addition to Bill’s experience and advice, the book also features real-life stories of salespeople from a variety of industries. You’ll discover why they love sales and their advice on how to start your own sales career.

About the Author

Bill Becker was just like everyone else growing up. He never dreamed of ever becoming a salesperson. His early years centered on his love of animals and music and becoming either a veterinarian or radio disc jockey. Instead Bill joined his hometown radio station to sell radio ads. Later on he took his sales skills and moved into the IT industry.

After working with dozens of individuals who were unemployed after 9/11 due to one of the worst economies in decades, it dawned on Bill that SALES was the one career field that offers great employment opportunities regardless of someone’s past experience.

The Job Nobody Dreams Of doesn’t teach you HOW to sell, rather WHY you should make sales your career choice. It’s a “how to” guide, offering real life advice on how to land your first sales job. In addition to Bill’s experience and tips, the book also features real life stories of sales people from a variety of industries. You’ll discover why they love sales and their advice on how to start your own sales career.

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I saw a question posed, “What is a healthy unemployment rate?” The answer was between 3 and 5%. Today (July 9. 2024) it stands at 4.1%, which is allegedly healthy, but tell that to the 6 million adults who can’t find a job.  You might have also heard about all the jobs that go unfilled, that “Nobody wants to work anymore.” That’s such BS, nobody wants to work at crappy low paying jobs.
I have been fortunate to be a guest on numerous podcasts evangelizing about sales careers and careers in general. I also often get to speak about my other project on homeless initiatives. This post hosts the links to each of those podcast recordings. I know I make an amazing guest and offer life altering advice, just don't make a big deal about it, OK?
It's always been about me! As I have spent that past year-and-a-half evangelizing about sales careers, I get to share my motto, I didn't selling anything, I figured shit out. Sometimes, depending on the audience, I would have to clean it and substitute "stuff" for "shit" but everyone got the idea. I would go on and say that I never convinced anyone that they needed my service to deliver hands-on labs for software training. Instead, I found those who were already in the market and convinced them I was the best option.
I have always been a proponent of never applying online, talking to a recruiter or HR. All those routes are just ways to weed people out, in essence all they can say is, "No." Applying online (AI bots), Recruiters, Hiring Managers, etc. don't know anything about how sales works, why would you leave your future in their hands?!? I also talk a lot about being unemployed and underemployed, even making a case that being unemployed is better mentally. If you don't have a job, at least you have hope that once you do land a job, everything will be OK. If you are underemployed, busting your ass for 40 hours a week and still not getting by, you might not have hope.
Sahil Bloom recently had a Twitter post (see below) that spoke volumes to was about things he wished he knew about sooner concerning work. Each of those 9 points were brilliant, but I want to focus on #6...cause that was literally my motto. I always said, I don't sell anything, I figure shit out.  I didn't try to convince anyone they needed my service, instead I found prospects who were already in the market and showed them why I was the best option...even more so than the company I worked figuring shit out.  That's what a lot of sales is about, especially Enterprise sales.
There's this guy I know, Todd Brison who is Tim Denning's partner. Todd writes a lot about writing. Yeah that sounds redundant but Todd is great at writing about writing. I've bought several of his courses. Todd recently wrote about guru's and failure and had a great point. Everyone wants to teach you all the tricks to success so you won't fail...but that's just not realistic. Here's Todd's take...

The Job
Nobody Dreams Of

Why You Should Consider a Sales Career!

Nobody grows up wanting to be a salesperson.I’ll tell you why you should and share how you can land a great paying career!