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Workforce Retraining and Sales Careers

I saw a question posed, “What is a healthy unemployment rate?” The answer was between 3 and 5%. Today (July 9. 2024) it stands at 4.1%, which is allegedly healthy, but tell that to the 6 million adults who can’t find a job. 

You might have also heard about all the jobs that go unfilled, that “Nobody wants to work anymore.” That’s such BS, nobody wants to work at crappy low paying jobs.

According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, the industry with the most openings is…Education. Yeah I wonder why? 

When you have right-wing extremists harassing teachers and siphoning off tax dollars to private schools, you are going to have a brain drain of educators. One of the reasons I have made my book free to teachers

Also on that list are… 

  • Professional Business Services (good pay but requires a degree); 
  • Leisure and Hospitality (crappy pay); 
  • Trade, Transportation and Utilities (wide range of pay but the higher the salary the more barrier to entry).

Now let’s take a look at the fastest growing job sectors…

  • Wind Turbine Service Technicians (trade school)
  • Nurses (degree required)
  • Data Scientists (degree or a ton of experience)
  • Statisticians (degree required)
  • Information Security Analysts (degree AND certification requirements)

The landscape of workforce training is evolving rapidly, especially for individuals seeking career advancement without a traditional degree. Here are a few key trends shaping workforce training in 2024 across various industries:

Personalized Learning Paths

What are Personalized Learning Paths?

Personalized learning paths tailor training programs to individual employee needs, strengths, and career goals. This approach ensures that employees receive relevant and engaging training content.

Why It Matters

Personalization increases employee engagement and retention by making training more relevant and aligned with their career aspirations.


  • Sales: Tailored courses based on individual performance metrics and career objectives.
  • Finance: Customized learning plans that address specific knowledge gaps and career goals.


What is Gamification?

Gamification incorporates game elements like points, badges, and leader-boards into training programs. This approach makes learning more interactive and engaging.

Why It Matters

Gamification leverages the human brain’s reward system, making learning enjoyable and motivating employees to complete training modules.


  • Education: Platforms like Duolingo that use gamification to teach languages.
  • Corporate Training: Interactive modules that reward employees for completing tasks and achieving milestones.

Remote and Hybrid Learning

What is Remote and Hybrid Learning?

Remote learning involves delivering training content online, while hybrid learning combines online and in-person training methods. This flexibility accommodates different learning styles and schedules.

Why It Matters

The ongoing shift towards remote work has made remote and hybrid learning essential. Employees can access training materials from anywhere, making it easier to balance work and learning.


  • Information Technology: Online certification courses that employees can complete at their own pace.
  • Healthcare: Hybrid training programs combining online theory with in-person practical sessions.

One other trend is making a name for itself and it’s relatively new…

User-Generated Content

What is user-generated content (UGC)?

Employees enjoy and trust learning content more when their peers and colleagues create it. That makes sense right? Someone who faces the exact same challenges each day that you face created ways to deal with those challenges. It’s growing in popularity as employees prefer more interactive learning experiences and taking ownership of their education and training.

UGS has many advantages, including employee training buy-in, higher participation rates, and more effective peer-to-peer training. There are ways in which learners can contribute directly, including Q&A forums, short videos, case studies and reviews.

In 2024, interactive features like forums, chats, blogs and wikis are bringing learners together more than ever before and helps with accountability in finishing the training and receiving the full benefits.


The trends in workforce training for 2024 highlight the importance of flexibility, personalization, and engagement. As industries evolve, so too must the methods we use to train and develop our workforce. By adopting these trends, organizations can ensure that their employees are well-equipped to meet the challenges of the modern workplace.

How Does This All Tie In With The Job Nobody Dreams Of?

The key to helping displaced workers get the fastest training for a career with the lowest barrier to entry (education and experience) and provides the income potential which allows them to have the future they desire.

A career in sales has unlimited possibilities, from the industry they choose to the type of sales a person (face-to-face; virtual; hybrid) decides they want to do. 

My program for Workforce organizations starts with my How to Land Your First Sales Job course. The online training acts as the framework of the customized program I will develop, which includes these additional extra services…

  • Free custom version of my book – made available to all your offices.
  • Weekly Live Meetings – I will share ideas; take questions; address any concerns.
  • Live Monthly “Meet & Greets” – I will get guest speakers to share their story and advice based on the industries that participants are targeting.
  • Private Toastmasters club – Toastmasters will be invaluable training regardless of the direction or industry participants decide to pursue.
  • Direct Email Access – Participants will be able to email for help with research advice, review messages sent to hiring contacts, interview prep, etc. 
  • Access to My Network – I can make LinkedIn introductions and help in joining specific industry groups and professional associations. 
  • Post Hiring Support – Act as a mentor and sounding board to help make sure their first few months as a professional salesperson goes well.

After your first cohort of students complete the program then we can add our own user-generated content (UGC) which will inspire future students! They will see first hand how someone from a similar background was able to land a job they can be proud of and gives them the future they deserve. 

To learn more, you can email me or schedule a call with me to talk about your specific needs. 

Happy Selling!