Bill Becker

Bill Shakespeare Was Right!

William Shakespeare (Bill to his friends) said, It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves. I have often said if I had a time machine, I would go back in time to the late 1500s to early 1600s and throat-punch Shakespeare for talking so weirdly. I went to too many school plays where I didn’t understand what the hell they were saying…but I digress. 

The dude however is point is spot on…no one should not blame God or some other uncontrollable force for how their life turns out. You have a certain amount of power to make your life better. There are ways to work for a better future. And while it may be hard and sometimes feel impossible, if you want a perfect job for yourself, why not try to create it?

One of the great things about selling is you don’t actually need to land a sales job to be able to sell. We know Bill, that’s called being a business owner. Thanks for the insight Captain Obvious. Sometimes I am sarcastic with myself.😊

No I am NOT talking about being a business owner! That’s scary and requires you putting up your life savings and/or taking out a huge loan and signing leases and hiring people…damn I got anxiety just typing that all out! You can be entrepreneurial and create your own sales organization.

This 23-year old made $750.000 a year renting properties he didn’t own. Then there’s the Uber driver who made a quarter million $$ selling jewelry to his rides.  I mean, you can also sell something that doesn’t even exist yet…which started with vaporware in the computer industry.

Another example can be found in the real estate industry through a practice known as “contract assignment” or “wholesaling.” In this scenario, an individual signs a contract to purchase a property at a certain price and then sells or assigns that contract to another buyer before the original purchase is completed. The person making the assignment often profits from the price difference without ever owning the property.

All these examples involve selling without opening up a traditional business. There are other ways to profit from your sales abilities and the best example (IMO) is creating your own sales job and then selling it to the company of your choosing!  I did it several times in my career.  To learn how I did it check out my new course on Creating Your Own Sales Job.

Happy Selling!